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The jury is still out on whether the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be a relative flash in the pan, or something we’ll live with as a new norm for the rest of our lives. And while much of the Clean & Mist Ltd website focuses on disinfection cleaning and antiviral sanitisation targeting this new and often deadly pathogen, its presence doesn’t mean other pathogens are no longer a problem! So on this page, for the benefit of Witney clients who require office sanitising services like our office deep clean, we’ve looked at Norovirus – a nasty pathogen that we look to banish from commercial spaces.

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Dealing with Norovirus

Often the root cause behind school, restaurant and office closures, norovirus is a highly infectious virus that causes symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting. It typically spreads due via contaminated hands touching surfaces, due to the very small number of particles required to be ingested to cause sickness.

This makes it essential for schools, public bodies, offices and other commercial environments around Witney to take the possibility of a norovirus outbreak seriously; a regular site / office deep clean, and a well-formulated best practice surrounding antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning, are two ways to combat it and prevent loss of earnings/closure. Another thing that’s crucial is keeping track of staff, customers, visitors etc. If they display symptoms, they should be encouraged to go home and site / office disinfection should be carried to prevent further transmittal.

Some businesses and groups in Witney will have dedicated cleaning teams who use high quality products and effective techniques to carry out thorough antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning; others may need to hire a dedicated team – such as Clean & Mist Ltd – to handle this for them. This being a similar dynamic as when approaching CV19 cleaning.

How else can you safeguard your site from an outbreak of norovirus? Encouraging good hygiene amongst staff is ideal, for example by having disinfectant cleaning products for hands e.g antibacterial gel or hand soap positioned in strategic locations.

Some Witney residents head the name enough to think it’s simply not the biggest deal; this is expounded by the urgency and death rate involved with COVID-19, which can make us forget about the presence of norovirus. But the same techniques used for an office deep clean / office sanitising are employed to deal with both viruses, so there needn’t be a “one or the other” approach to the issue. It’s also keep to note that a recent U.S study showed that of the 56,000-71,000 people hospitalised due to norovirus, 570-800 died; add to this that there’s no vaccine and you see why it’s worth taking seriously!

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