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Why Us? | Clean & Mist Ltd

In this day and age, we know that even if an environment looks sparkling clean at first glance, this is no guarantee against the presence of dangerous unseen pathogens. The scientific study of bacteria, spores and viruses has led to the development of products and techniques that banish them – and it’s a combination of these two things that Clean & Mist Ltd brings to the table.

We assist clients throughout Oxfordshire via both preventative and reactive deep cleaning. The former is ideal as a regular form of upkeep and risk management, and in unique situations such as when anticipating a returning work force during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The latter is an essential, emergency service useful following the diagnosis of someone on site with something like COVID-19 or Norovirus; if left unattended, you not only risk the health of all those coming into contact with your premises, and the subsequent legal repercussions, but you’ll inevitably have to close for the foreseeable future, leading to a huge impact on your operations.

So Clean & Mist Ltd – which covers areas including Abingdon, Banbury, Brackley, Newbury, Oxford and Witney – serves as an effective weapon in the fight against infectious and dangerous pathogens, using techniques such as bio-fogging to eradicate both air born and surface-dwelling viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Our approach is cutting edge, and informed by the latest scientific developments and all government/regulatory advice. We’re more than just a cleaning company: we’re deep cleaning specialists who help manage the health and safety concerns of our clients; but that’s not to say your space won’t be gleaming once our work is done!

To learn more about the deep cleaning / disinfection cleaning services we provide areas including Oxford, Brackley and Newbury – call Clean & Mist Ltd on 01865 509 070.