Our Processes

The Processes We Employ, Explained

The processes involved in effective antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning differ from those involved in generic, everyday cleaning. They involve stringent adherence to best practice, the use of proven disinfectants, and modern techniques such as bio fogging. On this page, we’ve looked to briefly run over these processes. For more information, peruse our website or call us on 01865 509 070.

Our Processes

Bio Fogging

Using a dedicated STERI-7 ULV Biomister, optimised to reduce disruption and downtime to a bare minimum, an ultra-fine mist of STERI-7 disinfectant is distributed and circulated throughout a space. This disinfects walls, ceilings, surfaces and the very air itself (in which certain pathogens can be known to linger). For more on this technique, navigate to our dedicated ‘Bio Fogging’ page.

Touch Spot Cleaning

During our initial risk assessment, which occurs prior to any of the deep cleaning itself, we’ll identify all at risk areas so that every spot that could come into contact with anyone on your site are properly disinfected; STERI-7 is applied, then later re-applied to ensure 100% efficacy.

Use of Proper PPE

Neglecting use of the proper personal protection equipment, as well as procedures around when and where it’s to be donned, taken off and disposed of, can be a fatal mistake that leads to the introduction or re-introduction of pathogens, bacteria and spores into a premises. Our team are highly trained in the appropriate use of PPE and are militant in this regard.


This trusted product is proven to aggressively target and kill up to 99.999% of common bacteria that can cause infection, contamination or illness, and has passed ISO 10993-10 tests for irritation and skin sensitization. Free from both dye and fragrance – meaning it will not stain or leave an unpleasant aroma in a premises after application, allowing staff and customers to quickly repopulate the cleaned area – STERI-7 EXTRA is compatible with a wide range of materials, and has excelled against enveloped viruses (a category which includes COVID-19).

We use this fantastic product both when wiping down surfaces and touch points within your premises, and in conjunction with our bio mister. This allows it to reach hard to access areas such as ceilings and walls, while providing an extra level of sanitisation to surfaces, including those with nooks and crannies that are tricky to disinfect solely with wipes and similar touch spot cleaning methods.

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