Office & University Cleaning

Protect Your Premises With a University or Office Deep Clean in Oxford & Wider Oxfordshire | Clean & Mist Ltd

High traffic premises such as offices and universities can be breeding grounds for pathogens that quickly spread from surface to surface, and subsequently from person to person. Standard cleaning procedures can succeed in ridding a space of harmful, microscopic substances – but they are rarely consistent or a very thorough form of university and office sanitising, leaving the possibility of an outbreak (quite literally) on the table.

In times such as we are currently experiencing, with the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, offices, universities and similar sites situated in our principal service areas of Abingdon, Banbury, Brackley, Newbury, Oxford and Witney require effective antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning in the form of a university or office deep clean. This approach is far more thorough, and involves the use of specialist products and techniques that have been clinically tested, and proven to work out in the field.

Proactive University & Office Deep Cleaning

As part of your scheduled upkeep, we can visit to carry out our university and office sanitising procedures, using techniques such as bio fogging and touch spot cleaning. Our team always uses the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) when attending to any site in the aforementioned areas we cover (Abingdon, Banbury, Brackley, Newbury, Oxford and Witney), and disposes of it responsibly when work has concluded.

A university / office deep clean not only banishes any harmful pathogens dwelling on surfaces such as chairs, tables, door handles and computer equipment, but removes them from the air itself (many have been proven to remain in the atmosphere for hours following dispersal following a sneeze or similar method of transmittal).

Reactive University & Office Deep Cleaning

If a member of your staff or one of your students falls ill with symptoms that match those of norovirus, COVID-19 or a similar infectious illness, it’s important to act quickly. Areas they’ve been working in or simply travelling through could now feature pathogens that could quickly spread through your institution and cause a localised epidemic; this might lead to a health crises, closure and loss of earnings/time spent in the classroom.

So after following all relevant public health advice concerning the suspected illness in question – keep in mind that guidelines around COVID-19 continue to change – it’s important to contact a university and office sanitising specialist. If you’re in Abingdon, Banbury, Brackley, Newbury, Oxford or Witney, Clean & Mist Ltd is the ideal choice. We’ll quickly attend to your site to carry out a risk assessment, and plan the appropriate university or office deep clean, employing techniques such as bio fogging and touch surface cleaning with STERI-7 EXTRA, a lauded disinfectant that has performed astoundingly well in both clinical trials and in field application.

To discuss the requirements of your organisation and premises, or post questions on our university and office sanitising services, call Oxford’s Clean & Mist Ltd on 01865 509 070.