Keep Your Premises in Tip-Top Condition With an Office Deep Clean in Newbury | Clean & Mist Ltd

For many Newbury businesses, the idea of having in a dedicated disinfection cleaning and antiviral sanitisation company to carry out a site / office deep clean has only come to mind with the appearance of the COVID pandemic. But beyond fulfilling essential and urgent health and safety requirements through specifically geared CV19 cleaning, our services can offer many benefits – including significant cost savings.

Below, we’ve looked to break down the ways in which outsourcing office sanitising can provide cost savings and related benefits. If after reading you’re convinced and wish to see first-hand what a site or office deep clean from disinfection cleaning and antiviral sanitisation specialists can result in, then call the Clean & Mist Ltd team on 01865 509 070; the same number goes if you require emergency CV19 cleaning following the diagnosis of someone on site with COVID-19. We cover Newbury and wider Oxfordshire.

How a Professional Office Deep Clean Can Save You Money

1. Reduced Workplace Incidents – An unclean office can cause a number of different workplace accidents and incidents, such as slips on greasy floors, injuries from damaged structures and fixtures, or infection from a dangerous pathogen, spores or bacteria. These can mean staff have to take time off, customers would be in their legal right to pursue legal action, and similar fallout that could translate to loss of earnings. Newbury businesses can avoid such problems via thorough, professional office sanitising and deep cleaning.

2. Distractions & Morale – Dirty workspaces can prove a constant distraction for staff, and really impact how much they want to be working there. With a sparkling clean space, and safe in the knowledge that effective disinfection cleaning and antiviral sanitisation has been carried out, staff can remain productive and be in higher spirits than they might have been otherwise!

3. Client Retention – It’s not uncommon for Newbury businesses to receive clients, such as potential business partners or customers placing large orders, to their premises. First impressions are massively important, and a poorly maintained space can make customers/clients less likely to do business with you, or less likely to return or recommend your business to others. Regular office sanitising via professional office deep cleaning can result in the exact opposite: a great first impression of a clean workspace, and one which reflects your meticulous approach to your work.

4. Rental Upkeep – If you rent your space then there are most likely stipulations in your contract that mean you have to keep it in good, clean condition; at the end of your contract, you may end up paying large and even artificially inflated costs on end of tenancy cleaning and repair. By scheduling in regular antiviral sanitisation and disinfectant cleaning, you can avoid this eventuality, which is more common than you think around Newbury and Oxfordshire premises.

In Newbury and looking to book in an office deep clean? Call Clean & Mist Ltd, your local antiviral sanitisation and disinfectant cleaning specialists, on 01865 509 070.