Deep Cleaning

Banish Unseen Pathogens With an Office Deep Clean in Oxford & Oxfordshire | Clean & Mist ltd

There are significant differences between the generic cleaning of a shared space and what is now referred to as deep cleaning. To illustrate these differences, we’ve looked to set out the processes involved in an office deep clean, so you can get a good understanding of when and why it’s required.

While reading, keep in mind that Clean & Mist Ltd can attend to just about any site in our principal service areas of Abingdon, Banbury, Brackley, Newbury, Oxford and Witney; the steps involved in an office deep clean are the same as those involved in a university deep clean, for example, but we do adapt to the environment to ensure we can overcome any potential hurdles/challenges.

When Might I Require Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning can be carried out as a preventative measure, perhaps incorporated within your business’s best practice surrounding health and safety. This is a proactive means of banishing harmful pathogens that could otherwise quickly infect staff, clients and customers, which is especially of use during localised epidemics and global pandemics – such as that which we’re currently experiencing with COVID-19.

It can also be employed as a reactive measure to deal with confirmed outbreaks of COVID-19, Norovirus and similarly infectious viruses. As soon as a case is confirmed, we urge you to follow the latest government advice on closing up shop, informing the relevant local bodies, and urging self-isolation and testing amongst staff; although as this information is liable to change in line with breakthroughs and public policy, we urge our Abingdon, Banbury, Brackley, Newbury, Oxford and Witney clients to check before pushing ahead with their plan of action.

Once these essential stages are completed, you should be looking to a company like Clean & Mist Ltd for an office deep clean, to decontaminate a space and make it ready for safe re-occupation.

What’s Involved in Deep Cleaning?

Firstly, the team conducting the office deep clean will don the correct PPE, following strict gowning and de-robing procedures. Then the targeted area is isolated, and an approved disinfectant is used to sanitise the touch points and high-risk areas previously identified during our initial consultation and risk assessment.

The area will be totally cleaned in line with BICS standards, before being re-disinfected. This may involve bio fogging, in the case of something like a COVID-19 outbreak. Finally, any contaminated materials and disposable PPE used will be carefully disposed of, and the operative will disinfect themselves.

To book in our team for deep cleaning in Oxford, or any of the other areas we cover in and around Oxfordshire, call the Clean & Mist Ltd team on 01865 509 070.