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While Clean & Mist Ltd helps Brackley businesses drastically reduce the chance that pathogens are transferred on site by providing office deep cleans and all other forms of antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning, it’s important that workers educate themselves on ways to reduce the chance they bring COVID-19 back to their home following a shift at work; after all, there’s no guarantee that between scheduled office sanitising appointments, a COVID-positive visitor doesn’t attend said site.

So on this page, we’ve looked to help by providing some epidemiological information on minimising risk of transference. But if you’ve found this page while searching for CV19 cleaning specialists active in the Brackley area, call our team right away on 01865 509 070. Alternatively, to learn about the antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning techniques and products we make use of, click through our website and browse its various dedicated sections.

How to Minimise Post-Work Pathogen Transference

Change Out of Clothes & Shoes When Leaving Work – Having a second set of clothes and shoes to change into after leaving work, or following on from any chores or visits to public spaces that you’re due after work, is an effective strategy. Place the dirty clothes in a separate bag, and hand wash them with a soap that’s a proven disinfectant.

Use Hand Disinfectant – Many of the commercial environments we attend to around the Brackley area are implementing carefully positioned hand sanitizer dispensers to help with this. But this doesn’t mean all companies will, unless enshrined in law. So get used to carrying disinfectant with you and using it when leaving for the day, as well as intermittently throughout the day.

Wipe Down Car Surfaces – If your place of work hasn’t recently undergone general office sanitising – e.g via a full office deep clean – then you really can’t be too careful; either way, use a disinfecting wipe and clean all touch spots, such as steering wheel, cup holders, handles, indicators, radio knobs etc. This everyday form of antiviral sanitisation and disinfectant cleaning can really make a difference.

Take a Shower – A hot shower with plenty of soap can also help rid you of any viruses that have transferred to your skin. Consider shifting your daily shower to a post-work one, as it makes sense to have an extra line of defence against potential pathogens picked up over the course of the day.

Disinfect Home Surfaces – While Clean & Mist Ltd focuses on providing the Brackley area with office deep cleans and commercial office sanitising – of which CV19 cleaning for obvious reasons is most currently popular – you can carry out your own antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning by investing in reputable, tested products. Use sprays and wipes and focus on high traffic or often touched areas such as work surfaces, coffee tables, magazines, books, food spices, cooking areas – ANYTHING that you regularly come into contact with.

To book in an office deep clean or any of the other disinfectant cleaning and antiviral sanitisation services detailed across this website, call Brackley’s Clean & Mist Ltd on 01865 509 070.