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The situations we attend to in and around the Banbury area are fairly varied; sometimes a client calls us in as a “one off” following a worker falling sick with a contagious illness such as COIVD-19 or Norovirus; other times we visit regularly to provide scheduled office sanitising and disinfection cleaning as part of a wider maintenance plan. But why should you choose us over competing companies in the area marketing office deep cleans and CV19 cleaning, alongside other antiviral sanitisation services? That’s what this page looks to answer.

Looking to book in for university or office sanitising? Or perhaps you operate a retail outlet or restaurant? Whatever your situation, call Clean & Mist Ltd on 01865 509 070.

Reasons to Choose Clean & Mist Ltd for a Banbury Office Deep Clean

High Quality, Tested Products – When carrying out disinfection cleaning, we use lauded products such as Steri – 7 Xtra Concentrate. This is widely being employed by CV19 cleaning specialists, due to its tested effectiveness against similarly structured and transmitted pathogens. It’s been developed to make antiviral sanitisation reliable and straightforward, and goes far beyond the limits of simple soap and water used by generic Banbury cleaning companies.

Effective Techniques – Just as important as the products used during an office deep clean or similar disinfection cleaning service are the techniques employed; an amateur job can mean that spots are missed, or the antiviral sanitisation itself is not thorough. We provide Banbury with a meticulously planned, technical approach to office sanitising: for example through the use of bio misters that distribute Steri – 7 Xtra Concentrate throughout the air to banish pathogens from hard to reach areas and the very air itself (this is an essential aspect of CV19 cleaning, as the pathogen has been shown to linger in the air for hours following transmission).

Use of Proper PPE – Failure to use proper PPE when carrying out office sanitising services around Banbury not only endangers our team: it introduces the risk of pathogens, spores and bacteria entering your premises from the outside, carried on our team’s clothing. This is why it’s so essential that personal protection equipment is used and disposed of responsibly, to prevent recontamination during the process of antiviral sanitisation.

To book an office deep clean or similar antiviral sanitisation service in Banbury or wider Oxfordshire, pick up the phone and call Clean & Mist Ltd on 01865 509 070.