Safeguard Your Premises With Regular Disinfection Cleaning in Abingdon | Clean & Mist Ltd

With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions and government attempts to restart Britain’s economy, we could soon be seeing many offices recalling furloughed workers and those who have been recently working from home. Clean & Mist Ltd, which provides office deep clean and antiviral sanitisation services within the Abingdon area – with a strong focus on CV19 cleaning – is here to reduce the risk involved in these transitions, through the provision of highly effective disinfection cleaning.

Being proactive and investing in regular office deep cleans is one way to ensure a safe transition, as is having a number at hand should a case be traced to your premises, so you can quickly respond and reduce the chance of pathogens infecting persons working or attending to your site through professional antiviral sanitisation and disinfection cleaning. But that’s far from all you can do! So below, we’ve run over some tips for maintaining safe working environments that go beyond the bare essentials such as regular CV19 cleaning / office sanitising.

Please keep in mind, this is an ongoing pandemic involving a pathogen that is still only partially understood. As such, operational advice from the government and international bodies like the WHO (World Health Organisation) is constantly evolving; so before making any major decisions, we urge Abingdon clients to check in on what the latest recommended for best practice is.

Adapting Workplace Practice

Risk Assessments – A thorough risk assessment should be immediately undertaken, and only essential work should be undergone if strict health and safety policies cannot be effectively and immediately implemented. The risk assessment should look at potential hurdles and areas of a site that might suggest a high risk of viral transmission, while addressing employee conduct. When undertaking an office deep clean or general disinfection cleaning for an Abingdon client, we also carry out risk assessments to figure out the most effective way of banishing unseen pathogens, and can recommend antiviral sanitisation practice to stick to moving forward.

Contact Reduction – Just as when we provide antiviral sanitisation services and CV19 cleaning our staff, even using the correct PPE, will minimise contact with one another – so you should be looking to foster a new culture of contract reduction. While in some industries this might seem like an insurmountable challenge, there are many Abingdon clients who can effectively minimise contact by reducing the number of persons who work on site, maintaining a 1m+ social distancing policy, and repositioning workers to more isolated areas where possible.

Use of Disinfectant – The office deep clean service we provide is certainly effective, but if your employees and visitors do not follow suit in regularly using disinfectants e.g by washing hands, then it only goes so far. Strategically positioning antiviral hand wash and bins for used tissues in and around the space can be a great way to encourage and make-easy this kind of proactive approach for your staff and visitors.

Install Infrastructure – Many businesses around Abingdon are installing plastic barriers which can prevent pathogens from accessing certain areas; it’s becoming common for us to see them in our supermarkets, but consider what they can do for the inside of a workspace / office. They reduce the touch points accessible by those working outside the protected area, which can make office sanitising more straight forward and protect against virus transmission.

To discuss your requirements with Abingdon’s first port of call for disinfection cleaning or an office deep clean, call Clean & Mist Ltd on 01865 509 070.